Business Administration (BBA)

UNIVERSITY: Georgian European Higher Education Institution (GEU)
SEMESTER: Fall/Spring
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 2500 USD
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Bachelor  programme  of  Business  Administration    is  constructed  based  on  the  European  Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which is oriented on students and is based on the student workload that is necessary to achieve educational programme aims. Bachelor programme of Business Administration includes  240 ECTS credits, 60 credits per year, 30 credits  per  semester.

According  to  the  mission  of  LTD  Georgian-European  Higher  Education  Institution  the  aim  of  the programme  is  to  prepare  competitive  specialist  with  the  competences  and  qualification  required  by modern international demands which will acquire wide knowledge of business management principles, characteristics  of  specific  business  spheres  –  general  and  strategic  management,  marketing,  finance, accounting  and  financial  accounting,  human  resource  management,  etc.  will  have  skills  to  evaluate and understand connection between them; They will be able to engage in different business spheres or organize  their  own  business;  will  be  able  to  help  organization’s  management  activity,  function- development of business structures; can use proper analytical instruments to solve problems in business processes,  effective  realization  of  own  competences  and  abilities;  will  have  skills  to  participate  and strive for the establishment of civil and professional values; can define necessity of further professional development.

Also,  the  aim  of  the  programme  is  to  develop  students  skill  of  written  and  oral  communication, effective  usage  of  modern  information  and  communication  technologies,  necessary  skills  for  solving business field problems.