Compotational Mathematics

UNIVERSITY: Georgian Technical University
SEMESTER: Fall/Spring
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 4500 GEL
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Mathematical Analysis 1; Linear Algebra and Geometry 1; Introduction to Information Technologies; Discrete Mathematics; Fundamentals of Algorithmizations and Programming; Computer Engineering Graphics; Mathematical Analysis 2; Linear Algebra and Geometry 2; Personal Applied Systems; Fundamentals of Computer Architecture and Organization; Programming in Visual asic/Visual; Graph theory and combinatorics; Mathematical Analysis 3; Computer Mathematics 1; Functional Analysis; Probability and Statistics 1; Differential Equations 1; Theoretical Physics 1; Mathematical Analysis 4; Computer Mathematics 2; Probability and Statistics 2; Differential Equations 2; Theoretical Physics 2; Complex Analysis; Dynamic Programming; Optimization Methods; Computational Group Theory; Theory of Integration; Linear Models and Linear Programming; Applied Statistics 1; Non-life Insurance Mathematics; Linear Models of Economics; Introduction to Numerical Methods; Algebraic Computations; Combinatorial (Discrete) Optimization; Rings, Field and Modules; Analysis, Geometry, and Modeling in finance; Applied Statistics 2; Implementation of Practical Problems in Life insurance. Elective course: Game Theory; Flows in Networks. Elective course: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting; Stochastic Processes. Elective course: Monte-Carlo Methods; Forecasting Methods. Free components: General Astronomy; Programming in C++; Operation Systems Fundamentals; Synthetic Geometry; General Topology; Elements of Category Theory; Stochastic Processes for Insurance and Finance; Modular Lattices and Geometry; Combinatorial Methods in Probability and Statistics; Applied Topology; Scheduling Theory; Mathematics and Programming; Mathematical Programming.