Electrical Engineering

UNIVERSITY: Georgian Technical University
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 13500 USD
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San Diego State University Georgia

Ling 94;  Ling 100;   Ling 200;   Oral Communication 103;  Physics 195;  Physics Lab 195;  Phys 196;   Physics Lab 196;  Mathematics 141; Mathematics150;   Mathematics 151;  Mathematics 245; Mathematics 254;  Economics 102;  Biology 100;   Construction Engineering 101;  CompE160 Intro to Computer Programming; Circuit Analysis I EE210; CompE270 Digital Systems; CompE271 Computer Organization;  CompE 375 Embedded System Programming;  Circuit Analysis II EE310; Fundamentals of Engineering Electronics EE330;  EE330L Engineering Electronics Laboratory;  EE340 Electrical and Magnetic Fields.