UNIVERSITY: Georgian Technical University
SEMESTER: Fall/Spring
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 4500 GEL
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Elements of linear algebra; Physics 1; General chemistry; Technical drawing; Fundamentals of information technologies; Georgian language 1; Environment protection and ecology; Labor safety and emergency control; Elements of mathematical analysis; Physics 2; Georgian Language 2; Inorganic chemistry; General metallography; Applied electrical engineering; Applied mechanics; Basics of physical chemistry; Theory of metallurgical processes; Technology of charge preparation; Fundamentals of materials science; Cast iron metallurgy; Metallurgical furnaces; Thermal Engineering; Theoretical basics of ferroalloy production; Physical metallurgy; Steel pyrometallurgy; Non-ferrous metallurgy; Foundry technology; Metal pressure forming theory and technology; Aggregates and Technologies of Liquid Metals Teeming; Electrometallurgy of steel; Secondary treatment of metals; Metallothermic technology of ferroalloy production; Equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy; Metal pressure forming equipment; Metallurgy of precious metals; Advanced materials and nanotechnology; Economics and management; Production Practice. Elective course: History of Georgia; Sociology; Psychology. Elective course: Hydrometallurgy basics; Ferroalloys Electrometallurgy; Physical Bases of Welding. Free components: Heat treatment of metals and alloys; Defects of heat-treated products and their control methods; Electric arc welding technology and equipment; Chemical resistance and corrosion protection of materials; Expertise of precious metals; Production of Pure Metals by Conversion of their Oxides; Basics of Chemical Thermodynamics; Flexible Computerized Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing.