Biomedical Engineering

UNIVERSITY: Georgian Technical University
SEMESTER: Fall/Spring
LEVEL: Master Degree
FEE: 4500 GEL
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The short-cycle subject load of program: Mathematics 1; Physics; Engineering Computer Graphics; Introduction in Information Technologies; Fundamentals of Computer Architecture and Organization; Introduction in Biomedical Engineering; Mathematics 2; Physics 2; Medical Instrumantation Systems; Mechanics of Human Body; Algorithmization Fundamentals and Programming Elements; Biophysics; Discrete Mathematics; Physics 3; Electrical Measurements; Fundamentals of Medical Electronics; Object-Oriented Programming; Electrophysiology; Human Physiology; Modeling in Electronic Workbench Space; Materials for Medical Devices; Elements and Nodes of Medical Technics; Business Correspondence; CAD Systems. Module I - Medical Technics and Technologies: Lab View Programming Methods; Biomedical Measuring; Medical Electronics; Biomedical Transducers; Basis Of Biomedical Signal Processing; Control Systems In Medicine; Biomedical Equipments; Biomedical Equipment Service Team Project in Biomedical Engineering; Bioinformatics in MATLAB; Module II - Medical Computer Systems: Microprocessor Medical Systems; Mathematical Modeling of Biomedical Systems; Health Information Systems; Mobile Health; Interfaces of Medical Systems; Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Devices; Radiological Equipments; Quality Management of Medical Technology Products; Clinical Practice; Free Components: Biostatistics; Medical Expert Systems; Programming in Visual Studio; Hospital Administration And Management; Artificial Organs; Telemedicine; Distance Medical Systems; Medical Information Systems; Medical Sensors.