Journalism and Mass Communications

UNIVERSITY: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU)
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 2250 GEL
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GR-Technologies. Relations between power and media; Journalism in the system of mass communication; Media Law;  International Media Analysis; Psychotechnologies in international realtions; Academic Writing; Thegreat names injournalism of the USA; Analysis, points of view and comments in journalism; Journalism news; Journalism news 2; New Media; Covering of Children’s Issues; Print media (magazine); Printmedia (newspaper); Applied Economics; Covering  education and science; Democracy and Citizenship; Documentary as a medium of mass communication; National Identity and Mass Media; Basic Course of General and Social Psychology; Self-management in practical journalism; IMC - Political advertising in mass media; IMC - Trade advertising in mass media; The Nature of Social Conflicts and  Its 

Coverage by Media; Media Coverage of Cultural and Sport Issues; Logics (Critical Thinking); Economicsofmedia; Media Analysis; Media Monitoring: Fundamentals and application; Verbal Skills; Media Systems of the World; Introduction to Political Science; Journalism and PR; Axiology of Journalism; Methods of journalism research; Sociology of Journalism; Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communications; Regional Journalism; How to make video clip; Investigative journalism;  Introduction to Human Geography; Foreign Media; News Agencies; Ethics of Informational Space; Broadcasting Media TV-2 – practical course; Broadcasting media (radio); Broadcasting media (radio); Broadcasting Media TV-1; Introduction to Social Sciences Research Methods; Introduction to Social Work; Introduction to Sociology; Statistics; Cultural Saloons of Tbilisi; Tourism and Journalism; Photo journalism practical course; Georgian Periodicals in Russian; History of Georgian Journalism; Introduction to International Relations; Reviewing artistic texts; Lobbism and its role in modern world; Georgian Language I ; Georgian Language II; Gender Issues in MassMedia;