International Relations

UNIVERSITY: Tbilisi Open Teaching University
LEVEL: Master Degree
FEE: 4700 USD
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The program aims at attributing students with necessary knowledge and skills required for Master’s Academic degree in International Relations. The accumulation of required knowledge is a result of the synthesis of various components of the program.

In accordance with Master’s degree competences in Higher Education Qualification Frameworkand labor market demands, International Relations program is designed in such a way, to familiarize student with both in-depth understanding of the discipline of International Relations and its sub-disciplines (International Security, European Studies and International Law). In the framework of the program student deepens knowledge received at undergraduate level and further develops those practical skills, which will later enable her/him to adapt and familiarize with professional environment.

Program components are designed to achieve planned objectives and attribute student with Master’s degree competences. The logical sequence of the planned objectives, their evolution determines program’s character and is detailed in study plan (attachment 1).

Scheme of the programme’s 120 credit distribution:

• Mandatory study courses – 60 credits (International Relations Core courses and Primary Foreign and Secondary Foreign language training)

• Elective Courses – 10 credits

• Practicum – 10 credicts

• Master’s Thesis – 30  credicts

• Free  Courses -10  credicts