Business Administration (BBA)

UNIVERSITY: Tbilisi Teaching University
SEMESTER: Fall/Spring
LEVEL: Bachelor Degree
FEE: 2500 USD
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Aim of the Business Administration bachelor program in English is:
• To train of high skilled competitive experts and professional business administrators according on the demands of labor market;
• To give students contemporary education and skills in the area of business administration.
• To bring up highly skilled managers of contemporary organizations, which are oriented to future development and effective functioning in the existing business-environment, which gives them an opportunity to act successfully in competitive suddenness business-environment.
• To train students and give them the skills of using theoretical knowledge in practice.
• To give students the multi knowledge in the area of business administration, management, marketing, finance.
• To teach students to think independently, to analyze of existing knowledge and data, to interpret independently and to use the knowledge and data creatively.
• To encourage the self-confidence of the students as the professionals, which understands the role of freedom and independence. To develop opportunities to think, write and speak effectively and creatively; To introduce own opinions in a friendly, pleasant, yet convincing manner.
• To encourage the interests of the students for further study and self-development. To assist students to reveal their streaming, interests and strong sides, the wishes of future study, to assist them to find optimal areas and directions of future education.
Credit Value/ Duration: 240 ECTS  credits; 8 semesters,

School graduating certificate; English language - B2 level