Internation Business Law

UNIVERSITY: The University of Georgia
LEVEL: Master Degree
FEE: 4000 USD
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The main goal of the program is to provide competitive and highly-qualified legal professionals, equipped with deep theoretical knowledge and practical legal skills based on the requirements of international and local labor markets. Graduates will be able to conduct legal research independently, think creatively, and will have a deep and systematic knowledge of international business law principles and theories. The program will consist of both Georgian students and international students. The program will be entirely in the English language (all lectures and all course materials will be in English). Graduates of the program will have advanced level of legal English. Upon the completion of the program, graduates can be employed in law positions related to international business law, where the law requires a master's degree and state certification exam is not necessary. Graduates will have the proper research skills and ability to continue their studies at the doctoral level.The program consists of four core courses, three semesters of Legal Research & Writing, a law clinic requirement, and a one semester Thesis component; there are 78 credits of required courses. The remaining credits are selected from a list of elective courses. The program requires a total of 120 ECTS; most courses are 6 ECTS, some are 3 ECTS.